Depending on the mood of the day, lunch can be served in the restaurant or on a deckchair by the pool.

The chef cooks over a wood fire, drawing inspiration from traditional techniques from every continent, in the vein of this raw culinary trend that seeks to sublimate products.

Two spectacular barbecues are set up in full view of guests, so they can watch their dishes being cooked and chat with the chef.

You can choose between:


  • Burnt leek salad, ravigottes à la louisa
  • Fresh Essaouira goat’s cheese pie, eggplant, tomato caviar
  • Green bean salad, smoked feta, preserved lemon, pipa sol
  • Chickpea and broad bean hummus, cumin and roasted sesame seeds
  • Garden eggplant confit with sesame honey
  • Wood-fired heirloom tomato tart with marjoram confit


  • Grilled cockerel
  • Piece of beef with criola mortar sauce
  • Giant paella, choice of chicken or prawns
  • Grilled sea bass, garden rosemary
  • 7-hour roast lamb with cumin
  • Grilled lobster, virgin vegetables, lemon caviar